Robot Arm Kit for Romi

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This Robot Arm Kit is an accessory for the Romi Chassis that allows it to manipulate small objects around it. The kit includes a micro gripper with paddles that can slide up to 32 mm apart, arm linkages for supporting the gripper, and a platform to mount everything to. The assembly is actuated by three included servos that are specially modified to provide access to their feedback potentiometers through a fourth (green) wire, which lets you detect if something is interfering with their ability to get to their commanded positions. This feedback also enables more complex closed-loop control of the arm from your main controller.

Kit contents:

  • 1x Micro Gripper with Position Feedback Servo
  • 1x Romi expansion platform
  • 1x main arm
  • 1x rear tilt arm
  • 1x front tilt arm
  • 1x pivot stand
  • 2x servo mounting brackets
  • 1x short linkage
  • 2x pivot transfer linkages
  • 1x tilt servo horn
  • 1x lift servo horn
  • 1x alternate tilt servo horn attachment
  • 1x alternate life servo horn attachment
  • 2x standard-sized servos with position feedback
  • 6x 20 mm nylon spacers, 4 mm OD, 2.7 mm ID
  • 3x 6 mm nylon spacers, 4 mm OD, 2.7 mm ID
  • 2x 1.5? aluminum standoffs, #2-56 thread, M-F
  • 2x 1? aluminum standoffs, #2-56 thread, M-F
  • 6x 1? #2-56 Machine screws
  • 3x 3/8? #2-56 machine screws
  • 4x 1/4? #2-56 machine screws
  • 13x #2-56 hex nuts
  • 9x #2 washers
  • 6x 8 mm M3 machine screws
  • 6x M3 hex nuts

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