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EXP Tech: Customised electronic solutions for over 14 years

EXP Tech was founded in 2010 by Dipl.-Ing. Yuan Wang and has since been offering high-quality products and in-depth expertise for the realisation of a wide range of projects in the field of electronics and technology. As a wholesaler of system electronics, we are a reliable partner for research and industrial companies as well as educational institutions. We are experts in all matters relating to microcontrollers and single-board computers and, in addition to the numerous products in our online catalogue, we also realise individual customised products for project-specific enquiries.

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Frequently asked questions about the delivery of our electronics

We ship with UPS within one business day of receipt of payment.

We deliver to 33 countries. You can find all countries including shipping costs here.

Within Germany, the shipping costs are €6.50.

After sending, you will receive emails from us with status updates on your shipment. If you have any questions, please contact us by email.

The delivery time for available products within Germany is 2 to 3 working days. In the case of advance payment, the delivery time starts when the payment is received or the contract is concluded. For international deliveries, the delivery time is extended accordingly.

You can also order items that are not in stock directly from the online shop. Goods that are currently unavailable will be ordered for you and shipped as soon as possible. You can find information on delivery times on the product pages or in the shopping basket. Partial delivery is possible on request. To do this, please contact our customer service

Please find the offered payment methods here! Please note that the receipt of payment for advance payment may take some time due to the bank processing time.

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Your wholesaler for electronics: embedded systems, SBC and microcontrollers

The EXP-Tech online shop offers a comprehensive range of products for microcontrollers and single board computers. From the Arduino platform for simple control tasks to powerful single board computers (SBC) for industry, EXP Tech relies on the latest platforms, concepts and accessories!

IoT modules and LoRa gateways

Wireless technology plays a significant role in the Internet of Things (IoT). Any device can be connected to the internet via any wireless technology such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Our IoT modules – small computer devices that enable physical objects to connect to wireless networks – are among the most important components of the Internet of Things. With our LoRa modules and gateways, you can achieve a greater range than with other radio technologies at comparable prices. LoRaWAN is a MAC (Media Access Control) layer protocol that is based on LoRa. LoRaWAN modules are suitable for public networks, for example, because all channels are set to the same frequencies.


Our sensors are highly developed devices that are used to detect and respond to electrical or optical signals. A sensor converts the physical parameters (e.g. temperature, blood pressure, humidity, speed, etc.) into a signal that can be measured electrically. Discover our wide range of LiDAR sensors!

Motors and motor controllers

A motor controller is a device that acts as an intermediary between the microcontroller, the batteries and the motors of your robot. We offer you a wide range of high-quality motors and motor controllers from leading manufacturers.

EXP as a reliable service provider and supplier for your electronics projects

EXP is your partner for electronics. We can provide you with the right technology components for your development environment and serial production. In our online shop, you can see the current stock in real time, so you are always informed about the current availability. In addition, our qualified employees will advise and support you on a project-specific and comprehensive basis.