MB1624 HRLV-ShortRange-EZ2T High Performance Ultrasonic Rangefinder

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Features of the MB1624, HRLV-ShortRange-EZ2T, include millimeter resolution, a great blend of sensitivity as well as side object rejection, range information from 2cm to 5m, a 10Hz read rate, and various output options: pulse-width, analog voltage, and TTL.

The HRLV-ShortRange-EZ2T is a sensor with a narrow beam and good side object rejection. The HRLV-ShortRangeEZ3T has slightly wider beam width than the HRLV-ShortRange-EZ2T which makes it a good choice for when the HRLV-ShortRange-EZ2T does not have enough sensitivity for the application.

Works well in applications where the HRLV-ShortRange-EZ1 is too wide.

  • Resolution of 1-mm 
  • 10Hz reading rate 
  • Internal temperature compensation 
  • Cost-effective solution where precision range-findings are needed 
  • Sensor component allows users to lower the cost of their systems without sacrificing performance 
  • 42kHz Ultrasonic sensor measures distance to objects 
  • RoHS compliant 
  • Read from all sensor outputs: Analog Voltage, TTL  and Pulse Width 
  • Virtually no sensor dead zone, large objects closer than 30 cm are typically reported as 30 cm 
  • Accuracy is factory-matched providing a typical accuracy of 1% or better 
  • Maximum range of 5000 mm
  • Tolerates outside noise sources 
  • Operates from 2.5V-5.5V 
  • Low 3.1mA average current requirement 
  • Small, light weight module 
  • Designed for easy integration into your project or product 
  • Operational Temperature from -0C to +65C (+32F to +149F) 
  • Real-time automatic calibration (voltage, humidity, ambient noise) 
  • Option external temperature compensation HR-MaxTemp 
  • Firmware filtering for better noise tolerance and clutter rejection 
  • Great starting point for users unsure of which sensor to use

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