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Aufbau von Einplatinen- bzw. Single Board Computern

In a single board computer - or Single Board Computer (SBC) - all the necessary components are combined on one board, quite unlike conventional desktop PCs or laptops. The main components of an SBC are: Processor, clock generator, reset logic, a fixed memory for the program and input or output groups. This manageable equipment already allows the realization of simple sequence controls. Most of the boards do not reach the same performance as common PCs - but in return they offer a small size, low power consumption and a comparatively low price. Due to these characteristics, they are not used as all-rounders with high performance, but usually take over specially defined tasks.

At the end of the seventies, SBCs came onto the market with the spread of microprocessors, initially to cover the need for inexpensive development systems - from the outset, however, they were designed for use in productive environments. Over time, they found more and more applications in industrial measurement, control and regulation technology. In the meantime, the single-board computers have found their way into the DIY sector: The Raspberry Pi, for example, was developed to introduce young people to programming and hardware and is popular in education and training. The Raspberry Pi can also be used as a media center. For simple programming work, the Arduino Uno is suitable, for example, for sensing and interacting with the environment.

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