LCD- und LED-Displays von Nextion, Waveshare und Adafruit u. v. m.

If you are looking for the right display for your next project, you will most likely find it at EXP Tech. In our online store for electronic components we offer a variety of different solutions from Adafruit, Waveshare or other renowned manufacturers for your Raspberry Pi, Arduino or other microcontrollers or single board computers!

Various display modules for your next project

The Adafruit Sharp Memory Display Breakout is one of those products that cannot be exclusively assigned to one display category. Rather, it is a hybrid that combines the extremely low power consumption of an eInk or e-paper display and the fast refresh rate of an LCD display. Another practical display solution is Adafruit's digital displays, which feature four digits and seven segments each and are available in green, yellow and red.

More products in EXP Tech's online store

In addition to the practical displays, take a look at the numerous other products in our store. We offer an exceptionally large selection, with which there are no limits to your creativity in the field of electronics. Contact us if you have any questions about our offer. Our experienced staff will be happy to assist you.

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