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This accessory pack contains headers and connectors that can be soldered to an A-Star Prime SV or A-Star Prime LV, allowing it to be easily wired to power sources and other circuits or devices. Also included are some shorting blocks that are useful for making some common jumper connections, as well as a through-hole buzzer.

The pack is primarily intended for use with versions of the A-Star Prime that ship with only SMT components installed:

  • A-Star 32U4 Prime LV (SMT Components Only)
  • A-Star 32U4 Prime SV (SMT Components Only)
  • A-Star 32U4 Prime LV microSD (SMT Components Only)
  • A-Star 32U4 Prime SV microSD (SMT Components Only)

With the parts in this pack, you can customize your A-Star Prime by only adding the connectors you need (and leaving off the rest to minimize its weight and volume). The following items are included:

Four standard Arduino 0.1? female headers (one 1×6, two 1×8, one 1×10)

  • Four 1×25 0.1? male header strips
  • 2×3 0.1? male header (ISP)
  • 2×7 0.1? male header (LCD)
  • 2×7 0.1?female header (LCD)
  • 1×2 0.1? female header
  • 1×10 low-profile 0.1? male header strip
  • Three low-profile 0.1? shorting blocks
  • Buzzer
  • DC barrel jack
  • 2-pin 3.5 mm screw terminal block

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