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TeraRanger Evo Thermal offers a 32x32 pixel resolution to monitor temperature variations & hot spots in your environment. The kit is built on Terabee modular Evo sensor family and includes 2 lightweight Thermal sensor modules:

  • TeraRanger Evo Thermal 90: wide 90º Field-of-View for larger area coverage
  • TeraRanger Evo Thermal 33: obtain longer range and a more detailed thermal image with a 33º Field of View

The modular two-part design of Evo sensors allows quick testing and prototyping with a variety of interfaces including USB, UART, and I2C. Just clip-on your preferred interface backboard to any Evo sensor. No additional calibration is required as the sensors stream factory calibrated temperature values in decikelvin.


  • Kit includes 2 IR Thermal sensors
  • Benefit from a 90º and 33º Field of View for temperature monitoring
  • Great value for money - save 13% from RRP
  • Compact & lightweight design - from 7 to 12 grams
  • USB / I2C (clip on, interchangeable) interfaces
  • Non-intrusive data collection that respects privacy
  • Operates in a broad range of conditions ? sunlight, darkness and poor visibility
  • Free GUI downloads for quick tests on a PC

Kit includes:

  • Evo Thermal 90 ? 32×32 pixel infrared thermal camera with a 90° FoV
  • Evo Thermal 33 ? 32×32 pixel infrared thermal camera with a 33° FoV
  • USB interface board
  • USB 2.0 Micro cable (50cm)
  • I2C interface board
  • I2C cable (22cm)

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