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Building a monitoring system that is to be deployed in the field brings a lot of challenges to the table. Over the years we learned that the simplest way to make field read electronics is to incase them in epoxy potting compound. Once a device is properly potted it becomes virtually indestructible. Potting compound makes sensitive electronics water proof, corrosion proof and vibration proof.

Putting sensitive electronics in a water proof case is simply not enough.

The PCB’s are going to corrode over time and your waterproof case is eventually going to leak. The most common problem encountered is PCB corrosion at the solder points of each IC. This happens from repeated condensation events that occur when the temperature inside the waterproof enclosure reaches the dew point. Atlas Scientific has worked with many different types of potting compounds over the years. All potting compounds are NOT the same. We have found that many of them conduct micro voltages, although this is not a problem for normal electronics the sensitive hardware that is needed to read electrochemical signals can easy be rendered useless by using most types of epoxy potting compound.

This is the exact same epoxy potting compound used on every single Atlas Scientific circuit.

Clear Potting Compound Kit Contains:
  • 2 Clear Potting Compound PART A (250ml)
  • 2 Clear Potting Compound PART B (125ml)
  • 1 Epoxy Gun with Plunger
  • 10 Mixer Nozzles
  • 10 2:1 Epoxy Dual Cartridges
  • 20 O-Rings


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