A-Star 32U4 Robot Controller SV with Raspberry Pi Bridge (SMT Components Only)

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This programmable module combines with a Raspberry Pi to serve as the control center of a small robot or electronics project. Its ATmega32U4 AVR microcontroller comes preloaded with an Arduino-compatible bootloader, and the board includes dual motor drivers that can deliver 1.7 A per channel to two brushed DC motors. An efficient voltage regulator (5.5 V to 36 V input) and level shifters enable it to power and communicate with a Raspberry Pi. This version is assembled with selected through-hole connectors and components installed for use as a Raspberry Pi add-on.

This version of the A-Star 32U4 Robot Controller SV with Raspberry Pi Bridge (5.5 V to 36 V input voltage) does not include any through-hole components. It ships as shown in the picture above, without any male or female headers, terminal blocks, DC power jack, buzzer, or Raspberry Pi mounting hardware. This configuration is intended for those who want to use the board as a standalone robot controller or customize the way it is assembled for use with a Raspberry Pi, such as by installing a stackable 2×20-pin female header in order to continue to have access to the Raspberry Pi?s 40 GPIO pins while the A-Star is plugged in. If you want to use this version with the Raspberry Pi, we recommend you also get 11 mm M2.5 standoffs along with compatible nuts and screws.


  • Dimensions: 65 mm × 56 mm
  • Programmable ATmega32U4 MCU with 32 KB flash, 2.5 KB SRAM, 1 KB EEPROM, and native full-speed USB (clocked by precision 16 MHz crystal oscillator)
  • Preloaded with Arduino-compatible bootloader (no external programmer required)
  • All 26 general-purpose I/O lines from the ATmega32U4 are broken out (including PB0, PD5, and PE2); 7 of these can be used as hardware PWM outputs and 12 of these can be used as analog inputs (some I/O lines are used by on-board hardware)
  • Convenient 0.1?-spaced power, ground, and signal connection points
  • Dual bidirectional MAX14870 motor drivers (1.7 A continuous per channel, 2.5 A peak per channel)
  • Buzzer option for simple sounds and music
  • 3 user-controllable LEDs
  • 3 user pushbuttons
  • Reset button
  • Level shifters for interfacing 5 V logic to 3.3 V Raspberry Pi
  • 5 V power can be sourced from USB or from 5.5 V to 36 V external supply through on-board regulator (with several access points for connecting external power)
  • Switching 5 V regulator enables efficient operation
  • Power switch for external power inputs
  • Reverse-voltage protection on external power inputs
  • Power selection circuit allows for seamless switching between power sources while providing overcurrent protection, and feedback about which power source is selected
  • Provides 5 V power to Raspberry Pi
  • 6-pin ISP header for use with an external programmer

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