Smarte IoT-Lampe mit IKEA Lampan, Sonoff und

This project shows how to build a simple IoT lamp yourself using a Sonoff Switch and The lamp can be controlled with a smartphone and even used with Google Assistant. For this, a cheap IKEA Lampan is connected to a Sonoff Basic Controller, which is equipped with a Wi-Fi relay. Then, the lamp is integrated into the platform and the statuts are controlled using various tools such as the APP, web console or even as via IFTTT triggers.

This project from is perfect for IoT beginners. On you can find all the explanations on how to install, configure and program the device and all the steps you need to follow to make it integrate the lamp into the platform.

Again, it should be noted that you should use extreme caution when working with household high voltage power. Never tamper with the Sonoff without a case or the lamp wires when they are connected!