Gib Deinem alten Mobiltelefon wieder einen Sinn!

If you want to control your project via SMS or phone call and don't want to buy a newer GSM module, just have a look in one of your drawers. There you will surely find an old cell phone that you can use for this purpose.

We don't remove the complete GSM module of the phone, but simply use the fact that a phone can light up, vibrate or make a sound when receiving a text message or a call. In the project, the vibration motor is connected to an Arduino Uno and the activation of the motor is read out.

This is of course not as good as a real GSM module, since you can't see what data is arriving or being sent, but it's a cheap option to give an old cell phone a purpose once again.

Dante Roumega shows you the best way to do it in the video!


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