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It's time to supercharge your next project with the SparkFun RA6M5 Thing Plus! Clocking in at 200MHz, the RA6M5 is a high-performance microcontroller from Renesas that is perfect for real-time applications. This translates to smooth responsiveness, lightning-fast data processing, and the ability to handle complex calculations – perfect for bringing your creations to life!

The familiar Feather-footprint and Qwiic connector makes it easy to connect the RA6M5 Thing Plus to a wide range of sensors and accessories with a simple plug-and-play approach. Thanks to the 2MB of built-in Flash memory and a convenient microSD card slot, you'll also have ample space for your code and data.

The RA6M5 Thing Plus isn't just powerful; it's versatile, too, because it's built for both ease of use and advanced applications. With 512kB of SRAM, 21 general-purpose pins, and an additional 16MB of Flash memory, it offers the flexibility to tackle even more demanding projects. While the default Arduino core might not utilize every feature, experienced users can explore the microcontroller's full potential to create impressive applications.

Please be aware that while the SparkFun RA6M5 Thing Plus offers some pins that are 5V tolerant, it primarily operates at a 3.3V logic level. The board also features Bluetooth® Low Energy connectivity, thanks to the DA14531MOD module (also from Renesas). When actively transmitting, the DA14531MOD sips a mere 4mA and can operate from a small coin-cell battery. The firmware provided on the module features Renesas' SmartBond™ - CodeLess™ AT command Datapump. Therefore, users only need to send AT commands to configure a Bluetooth connection without reprogramming the module.

In conclusion, the RA6M5 Thing Plus is ideal for makers who crave power and ease of use. Its extensive features and user-friendly design make it the perfect platform to turn your ideas into reality!



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