SparkFun Qwiic Pocket Development Board ESP32-C6

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The SparkFun ESP32-C6 Qwiic Pocket Development Board is designed to fit the 1in. x 1in. Qwiic Standard Size, making it easy to add a powerful wireless development platform that stacks into any existing project using the Qwiic ecosystem. It features the ESP32-C6 Mini-1 module from espressif™. We designed this board with components on both sides of the PCB to squeeze as many features as possible into its tiny footprint, including a USB-C connector, Qwiic connector, 2-pin JST battery connector with an on-board charging circuit, as well as two buttons for Reset and Boot. The design also works to optimize power consumption. In our testing, we measured total current consumption by the board to be ~14µA in Deep Sleep mode, making it an excellent fit for remote, battery-powered applications.

The ESP32-C6 SoC is built around a RISC-V single-core processor with 4 MB flash memory and an integrated wireless stack. The wireless stack supports 2.4 GHz WiFi 6, Bluetooth® 5.3, Zigbee, and Thread (802.15.4) and uses an on-board PCB antenna. The ESP32-C6 includes various peripheral options, including SPI, UART, LPUART, I2C, I2S, LED PWM, USB Serial/JTAG controller, ADC, and more. Though some are tied to specific pins, many of these peripherals can be mapped to any GPIO pin. Due to the board's size, it only breaks out eight total GPIO pins, including four ADC-compatible pins, Low Power and Standard UART, and an extra two GPIO pins.


  • ESP32-C6 MINI-1 Module:
  • 32-bit RISC-V Single-Core Microprocessor
  • 23 Multifunctional GPIO
  • Most peripherals available on any GPIO pin.
  • Up to 7 12-bit ADC Channels
  • Up to 2 UART Channels (with flow control)
  • USB Serial
  • One Low Power UART Channel
  • One I2C Channel
  • One Low Power I2C Channel
  • One I2S Channel
  • 4 MB Flash
  • 2.4 GHz WiFi 6
  • Bluetooth® 5 LE
  • Zigbee & Thread (802.15.4)
  • PCB Antenna
  • Matter-compatible
  • Qwiic Form-Factor:
  • Dimensions: 1" x 1"
  • Four Mounting Holes
  • 8 PTH pins
  • USB-C Connector
  • 2-pin JST Connector for LiPo Battery (not included)
  • 4-pin Qwiic Connector
  • MCP73831 Battery Charger
  • Charge Rate: 213mA@3.3V
  • LEDs:
    • PWR - Red Power LED
    • CHG - Yellow Battery Charging Indicator
    • STAT - Blue Status LED
  • Buttons:
    • BOOT



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