dS2242 - 2 x 16A ethernet relay

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The dS2242 is an Ethernet connected relay module featuring 2 channels of 16Amp 250Vac relays. Each relay has both normally open (NO) and normally closed (NC) as well as the common available on three terminals.

In addition to the relays, the dS2242 has 4 Input channels which may be digital or analogue 10-bit resolution (0v-3.3v input range).

  • Simple configuration and setup from your web browser.
  • Control it from a web page, or select tcp/ip control with an option of ASCII, Binary or Modbus protocols.
  • Send email notifications on selected events.
  • Optional AES encryption for totally secure control using binary tcp/ip mode.
  • Add simple relay automation, for automatic relay control.
  • Create Peer to Peer control in a few clicks.
  • 100 step configurable sequencer for advanced control.
  • Optional dSX42 extension modules for control/sensing up to 300 meters away.
  • Up to eight 32-bit counters with capture and reset, 20 counts/second on inputs.
  • Event schedules for timed events daily or weekly.
  • Free Android and iPhone Apps are available to remotely control this module.

  • Serial ports: 1 x TTL level serial port, 1 x RS485 port.
  • Relays: 2 with up to 16Amp @24vdc or 250vac, screw Terminals for N/O N/C and Common contacts
  • I/O: 4 channels, your choice of VFC input or NPN output.
  • Analogue Inputs: 2 channels of 10-bit A/D.
  • Communication: USB for development, RJ45 Ethernet for normal access
  • Power: 12V DC jack 2.1mm (adaptor sold separately)

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