MicroMod is a modular ecosystem of interchangeable processors and carrier boards to enable rapid prototyping and development.

Get connected with Sparkfun's new ecosystem

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Specialized Carrier Boards

Choose a carrier board to access different inputs and outputs based on your specific needs. Each carrier board is easily expandable by utilizing Sparkun's Qwiic Connect System.

Interchangeable processors

Sparkfun SparkFun MicroMod ESP32 Processor
Sonderpreis17,69 €
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Sparkfun SparkFun MicroMod Artemis Processor
Sonderpreis19,24 €
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Sparkfun SparkFun MicroMod SAMD51 Processor
Sonderpreis21,00 €
Auf Lager

Pick one of the processor boards, mix, match, test and prototype different processors with little to no code changes!

MicroMod DIY Carrier Kit

 Obviously open source

If you don’t see a combination of carrier and processor boards you want to use you can design and build your own!

Learn more about MicroMod on Sparkfun's website