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At the heart of the Triband GNSS RTK Breakout is Septentrio's most compact high-precision GNSS receiver, the mosaic-X5. The mosaic-X5 module is an ultra-low power, multi-band, multi-constellation GNSS receiver capable of delivering centimeter-level precision at high update rates. The receiver supports the GPS (USA), GLONASS (Russia), Beidou (China), Galileo (Europe), and NavIC (India) constellations, including regional systems (i.e. SBAS and QZSS). It also features Septentrio's unique AIM+ technology for interference mitigation and anti-spoofing, ensuring best-in-class reliability and scalable position accuracy.

With its Real Time Kinematics (RTK) capabilities, the mosaic-X5 module can operate as a base station to broadcast RTK correction data or as a rover utilizing RTK correction data to record positions with extreme precision. The module can achieve a horizontal accuracy of 6mm (~0.25in), vertical accuracy of 1cm (~0.4in) using RTK, and timing precision of 5ns (5 billionths of a second). The mosaic-X5 is compatible with RTK correction data from various 3rd-party services. The mosaic-X5 can also deliver position updates at 100Hz (100 times per second) for automotive and industrial applications.

The mosaic-X5 is a sophisticated chip running an internal web server that can be accessed through the USB interface with a standard browser using a Linux/Windows computer. Septentrio also provides dozens of video tutorials to guide users through the configuration settings of their GNSS receivers utilizing the web interface. In addition to the module's web interface, Septentrio provides software packages where users can post-process recorded data, configure the mosaic-X5 module, and analyze the receiver's performance or the GNSS signals for interference/spoofing. If these interface options weren't enough, Septentrio's GNSS modules are compatible with other 3rd-party software packages.

Beyond the capabilities of the mosaic-X5 module, this board is seamless to operate with no programming skills required. Gone are the times when a microcontroller was required to interface with the GNSS receiver and log data to an SD card and when users had to carry around an SD card reader to extract the data from the SD card. The mosaic-X5 Triband GNSS RTK Breakout can start/stop logging data at the push of a button. The same button can also mount and unmount the SD card to your computer through the USB interface. Users can control/configure the module, log data, etc., all without a single line of code. For the users who prefer a command-line interface, Septentrio has you covered. Users can still control and configure the mosaic-X5 module through a CLI, which is useful for scenarios such as production line testing (in fact, that is how we tested this board).

This breakout board is a perfect middle ground for users who would like to integrate the mosaic-X5 module into a project/enclosure with access to a majority of the module's available pins, similar to Septentrio's developer kit, but in the smaller form factor of the evaluation kit.

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