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Packed with cutting-edge technology and housed in a compact, user-friendly footprint, the SparkFun ESP32-C6 Thing Plus empowers your wireless creations like never before. At its heart lies the powerful ESP32-C6 WROOM-1-N16 module from Espressif, boasting a RISC-V single-core processor, more than enough flash memory, and a diverse selection of wireless connectivity options. Dive into the realms of 2.4 GHz WiFi 6, Bluetooth® 5.3, Zigbee and Thread (802.15.4), unlocking a world of possibilities for your projects.

The SparkFun ESP32-C6 Thing Plus is equipped with multiple features that accentuate the boards potential. The microSD card slot lets you expand your project's capabilities, while the Qwiic connector seamlessly integrates the Thing Plus into SparkFun's vast ecosystem of sensors, actuators, and more.

This development board also includes a LiPo battery charger and fuel gauge, an addressable LED, and more. The Thing Plus footprint is Feather-compatible and breaks out all of the ESP32-C6's 23 GPIO pins to 0.1in.-spaced PTH headers. For primary power and programming, the board is also equipped with a USB-C connector and a 2-pin JST connector for a LiPo battery.

The ESP32-C6 includes a wide range of peripheral options including SPI, UART, LPUART, I2C, I2S, LED PWM, USB Serial/JTAG controller, ADC and more. Many of these peripherals can be mapped to any GPIO pin though some are tied to specific pins.

Elevate your wireless projects with the SparkFun ESP32-C6 Thing Plus. Its intuitive design, powerful features, and seamless connectivity await.


  • ESP32-C6 WROOM-1-N16 Module:
    • 32-bit RISC-V Single-Core Microprocessor
    • 23 Multifunctional GPIO
      • Most peripherals available on any GPIO pin.
    • Up to 7 12-bit ADC Channels
    • Up to 2 UART Channels (with flow control)
    • USB Serial
    • One Low Power UART Channel
    • One I2C Channel
    • One Low Power I2C Channel
    • LED PWM
    • One I2S Channel
    • 16 MB Flash
    • 2.4 GHz WiFi 6
    • Bluetooth® 5 LE
    • Zigbee & Thread (802.15.4)
    • PCB Antenna
    • Matter-compatible
  • Thing Plus Form-Factor:
    • Dimensions: 2.55" x 0.9"
    • Two Mounting Holes
    • 28 PTH pins
    • USB-C Connector
    • 2-pin JST Connector for LiPo Battery (not included)
    • 4-pin Qwiic Connector
    • µSD Card Slot
    • MCP73831 Battery Charger
      • Charge Rate: 213mA@3.3V
    • MAX17048 Fuel Gauge
      • I2C Address: 0x36
  • LEDs:
    • PWR - Red Power LED
    • CHG - Yellow Battery Charging Indicator
    • STAT - WS2812 RGB LED (Tied to IO23)
  • Buttons:
    • BOOT
    • RESET

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